The Ken and Hugo bromance
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2019-02-02 15:42:58 UTC
Ken Livingstone braved Andrew Neil to appear on This Week this week. As is
normal, he made a little film about his subject, which was the creative
deal he did with his hero, Hugo Chávez.

This was all about how that wonderful, compassionate man arranged for
London to get cheap diesel for the buses, the savings from which would be
passed on to London's poor in the form of half fares. In return, TfL's
experts would help Chávez sort out the chaotic traffic in Caracas (no
doubt, by putting in cycle super highways and messing up the traffic light
phasing). I know Boris cancelled the deal when he got in, even faster than
he banned the bendies.

But I wondered how much of this grand plan was ever implemented during
Ken's tenure? Did anyone get cheaper fares in London? Did TfL crack the
Caracas crappy traffic?

For those who've not seen it, the interview was a cracker. Brillo was
unusually kind to Ken, and didn't grind him down nearly as much as Ken
deserved, but it was still fun watching him catch Ken's lies.
2019-02-03 11:47:55 UTC
I always loathed Ken Livingstone and I was glad his career
ended in semi-disgrace which I thought was so appropriate.

Even though I found him quite a good talk-show presenter,
particularly when partnered by David Meller, I have never
forgiven his sabotaging of London's road system. The idea
that his henchman could go to another city and improve
the traffic situation was and is utterly ludicrous