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Basil Jet
2021-09-14 12:34:56 UTC
I'm chuffed to have made an unexpected cameo in a Geoff Marshall
video... That's my hair next to the guard.

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2021-09-15 00:15:55 UTC
Post by Basil Jet
I'm chuffed to have made an unexpected cameo in a Geoff Marshall
video... That's my hair next to the guard.
I was on that train as well having heard about the last runs of the 1959
stock on the WWW ,I managed to engineer my normal working day to end at
Guildford so it wasn’t too far to travel into London or to retreat back
if I got called in again as I was on evening cover. Fortunately no call
I still have one of the paper window stickers that had been put up in the
train to inform the commuters that their journey was quite historical
though most probably could not care less or thought it was an advert.

As it happened from where I was living in Southampton at the time I could
see one of the Jetties of Marchwood Military Port which is rail served by
the Marchwood Military Railway , the two 1959 cars were not brought in by
the main line connection but they were certainly being run up and down the
Jetty a couple of times pushed by one of the Army Locos before the Royal
Logistics Corp mentioned in the Geoff Marshall video loaded them on to the
landing craft for the voyage to Alderney .Their Red and Cream Livery
standing out very well against the large grey backdrop of a heavy lift
ship operated by the US Military Sealift Command the SS Gopher State which
was in the Port handling equipment for the run down and eventual closure of
the US Army base at nearby Hythe where the US Army maintained a fleet of
60 logistics tugs and barges and other vessels ready for deployment around
the world.
Calling them barges is a bit simplistic , most carried some pretty
sophisticated equipment for various roles such power generation,water
purification, medical facilities and more.


What with the Hythe Pier Railway in sight and the old tube cars being
shunted alongside them the US crew must have thought that UK trains were
very odd.